Twofold Ministry


Our ministry has two parts. The first is to bring Christian congregations an awareness of the vast growth of Islam in our country and its effects on our churches. We strive to teach the truth about other religions and to train Christians to reach out into the community with love, acceptance and respect for those of other faiths. At the same time, we endeavor to keep youth in the Church by preparing them to become stronger Christians.


The second part of our mission is to reach out to men and women of Eastern Religions and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Many of them were unable to learn of Jesus Christ and the Gospel’s message in their native lands. In the United States, we have to freedom to share this Good News with them.



We are committed to Biblical Stewardship. Financial resources are tended with the highest ethical standards. Voice of Faith mission strongly believes in awakening the awareness of our church members to the number people arriving in the United States who are of Islam, Hindu, and Sikh faiths. Voice of Faith’s passion is to teach Christians to reach out with the love of Jesus, and to bring the Gospel to all men, women and children.


Our missionaries recognize cultural sensitivity  by first attending cultural celebrations of the people of Eastern Religions who are from various cultures, countries, and generations. This helps to build relationships and to gain a measure of love and trust.


Our “Sewing Circles” have been a primary outreach, and as the women continue to meet, they have a more intimate, natural outgrowth of friendship which allows our missionaries to share the Gospel.




We are sharing awareness with the Church

and the love of Christ with

Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities