Greetings To Our Truly Appreciated Donors

     Voice of Faith is so blessed that you share the same vision as we do about our mission, which is sharing awareness with the Church, and the love of Christ with Hindus, Muslims and Sikh communities.  

     Our vision is seeing God transform lives, from darkness and fear to lives with faith, grace, love and freedom in Jesus Christ.   To also encourage our Christian brothers and sisters to be strong and courageous in their defense of the Gospel.  

     We, as Christians born in Pakistan, recognize cultural sensitivity.  We seek friendships and develop love and trust with the people from Eastern religions, as we tell them about our Lord Jesus Christ. Then, after their conversion we encourage them to seek life in the church.

     Our missionary, Jay Dass, is now officially serving as Vicar at Living Faith Lutheran Church in Cumming, Georgia for two years. It is with heartfelt gratitude that Voice of Faith has been blessed by the partnership of Faith Lutheran Church in Naples, Florida, with Living Faith Lutheran Church to support the mission.  Thank you!!


We NEED your Prayers!


We are now bringing our mission to Cumming, Georgia,

as well as maintaining our mission in Florida.

It is an exciting time for us! 


Funds are needed now to help us :

  • Set up our Sewing Circle here in Georgia;                                                           We need to buy sewing machines, sewing notions, material, etc.                            

  • Bible Study for adults and children;   $37.00-$40.00 each (includes S&H)  We need Bibles for those of Eastern religions.                                                                

  • Materials needed for retreat style classes;                                                             For pastors and youth to learn about Eastern religions: We need story books for children, and food to serve.


You can help us by writing your check today, so that Voice of Faith

can quickly and efficiently proceed with our new expanding

mission opportunity.   (Please note the NEW address below.)


Please pray,  for God to open your heart to give as He guides you.

We are needing $10,000.


Our Dear Friends, Thank You!

Please continue to pray for God’s Kingdom to grow.

We also keep you in prayer, for your opportunities to share the Good News.


Thank you for your donation today!


May God bless you.

“So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God”

                                                                                   Romans 10:17

Voice of Faith

Zion Lutheran Church   7401 Winkler Road   Fort Myers, FL  33919     Attention: Joan Cioper

​“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of 

the Father and of the Son and of the

Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you...”

Matthew 28:19-20


Voice of Faith's Vision

To see God transforming lives of men and women, bringing them from lives of darkness and fear to lives of faith, grace, love and freedom in Jesus Christ; and encouraging Christians to be strong and courageous in their defense of the Gospel.


Voice of Faith's Approach

To accomplish our goal we introduce converted men, women and youth to life of the church, so that they may become part of the body of Christ as active members.



Voice of Faith's International Student Ministries

We are reaching American youth to prepare and train them to face the “challenges of other faiths”, and to teach them to evangelize to reach international students from around the world.